'ello! my name is sandi...

'ello! my name is sandi...

this is my crochet journey

my first owl crocheted

21 January 2015

about a week ago, my daughter came over with 2 bags of stuffing. she needed my help in creating an owl. she said her attempts were not exactly up to par. 8)  so as i listened to her tell me why she needed a handmade item, i searched th Ravelry site for an owl pattern. she told me that the principle of my granddaughter's school had been diagnosed with cancer. she didn't know what kind. and the kids r making handmade items for an auction to raise money to help the principle with expenses related to her treatment. apparently, the principle is very well-liked by the kids. i found out that my granddaughter enjoys helping out in the school office. and she is only 6 yrs old. such a good helper.

found a pattern i thought i could make easily and quick. showed it to my daughter and asked what color yarn she wanted to use. of course, she wanted bright colors. the colors i just happened to have gotten for other projects. but i couldn't let my granddaughter down so off i went to my stash of yarn. as my daughter and i looked thru the colors, she picked out the brightest ones. and 2 that were a bit muted. see the color of the pieces below:

pieces to owl

as u can see, the pieces r bright in color. the one piece that caused me trouble was the head piece. the orange head piece in pic is not the one in the finished pic. i pulled that piece out so many times and tried different ways to do it. i finally settled on triangles made in the granny-square fashion. i slip stitched them together and finally had it looking the way i wanted.

the pattern called for 2 pieces of material to hold the stuffing. after sewing them together i stuffed it with the stuffing. i then saw that i did not turn the piece right side out. so i had to pull out the stuffing and fix it. i did and finally goth it stuffed.

pillow stuffing. ended taking it out and restuffing after turning it right-side out.

after getting the stuffing on, i put the front and back pieces around the stuffed pillow. i was very pleased how it was coming together. i put the first wing on and tried several of the head pieces i made. frustrated with the head piece, i worked on the other pieces of the owl.

finished with crocheting the different parts of the owl, i put it together Tuesday, Jan 20th after receiving a text from my daughter telling me she would pick up the piece in the afternoon. she also offered to help finish it up. however, she never did make it to help as she "was scattered brained". she even missed 2 of 3 appointments for her son. she said her whole day was weird. anyway, she did not pick up the piece until later that evening.

if would not have been for that head piece, i would have been done by 1300 hrs. but i was instead finished just b4 my hubby came home from work, around 1600 hrs. that darn head piece! anyway, after finishing up, i took the last pic of the owl now completed.

finished pillow owl

glad i was able to help my granddaughter and daughter out with a nice piece. i am pleased. i am even making another one. have also thought about making more in different sizes and trying different stitches. when i finish with the one already started, i will try one made with the granny square technique.


until next project blog...

a scoodie crocheted


my newest finished piece (FP). the pattern that was used but modified to fit a child is called YUB NUB SCOODIE by Kristen Stevenson and can be found on Ravelry.com.

this project took about 4.5 hrs to complete. that includes the figuring out of modification to pattern. i am really excited and hope the person this is for will like it. with this being my first every attempt at making something like this, it came out quite nice and beautifully simple. not sure if i will put any appliques on it.

i am now working on another to give as a gift. and i will be modifying the pattern even more. i will post when it becomes a FP. i will also begin to document on video the making of pieces. i love to take a pattern and make it my own.

that's all for now. getting back to my piece in progress. 8)

a few finished projects i am selling

here r a projects i have completed. these r for sale.


9-patch lap throw

shades of green throw

another shades of green throw

these came out so nice!

Christmas ornaments

this is an example of the Christmas ornament sets i have made. the sets were made with the G-hook and I-hook. the set consists of 6 ea. snowflakes, swirls, mini-stockings.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. i enjoy the songs, decorations, giving, and family. however, since Dec 2, 1997, Christmas has been difficult for me. 16 yrs ago today, i lost my dad. so making these ornaments helps me keep the Spirit of Christmas alive within me. each little ornament is made in memory of my dad as well as in joy of the season. making each piece put a smile on my face and hope in my heart that someone else will appreciate them as much as i had fun making them.

since i have only 5 sets up for sale, i am hoping to sell them all. i am new to this selling thing. the idea for making ornaments was a simple one, find patterns i can make quickly to give as gifts. then i thought, maybe, just maybe, i can put a few designs together using different sized hooks. i settled on what u see in the pic. i also made some extra mini-stockings to give out to those who come to my house as well.


i have always crocheted things to give as gifts. with each piece created, i find myself enjoying it more and more. it's difficult not to crochet when i am sitting watching TV or relaxing. crocheting is actually very relaxing.

hubby has given me the info to open a shop on ebay. but first i must learn the details of how it works. so here goes! :)


coming together 8)

have begun the process of setting up the paypal thing.

hubby is helping me get it organized and properly set up. i had no idea how much went into setting up the paypal part.

i am also organizing my pics of what i am selling. this is too is tedious but well worth it. i am happy with how things r coming together. slow process but i want to do it right. we also picked up a webcam so now i can take pics and put them directly on my laptop. 8) can't wait to finish the organizing and get it up and running.

a new beginning

i am beginning a journey that is exciting, a bit scary, but definitely worth giving a good effort to accomplish. there r many people that design wonderful things with a crochet hook. i am joining these artsy and crafty individuals with my creations. with all the choices out there for great, creatively crafted, homemade gifts, it will definitely be challenging for those searching for just the right gift.

my crochet designs r different. many don't have a pattern. i design them with what i like in mind hoping that others will see the creativity and fun in designing. i am excited to begin this with the support of my hubby. i will be keeping a small journal here of my crocheting journey.

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